Precise and high-quality services

The historic company Dipizeta, located in the province of Modena, provides its customers with a wide range of services aimed at precision mechanical processing. With various application areas, from packaging to earthmoving, the company boasts extensive and diverse know-how. It is with this expertise that we can guarantee numerous services, from raw materials to precision mechanical processing, to various heat and surface treatments, meeting the needs of multiple clients and every type of requirement.

Dipizeta’s machine park, always up-to-date and of high quality, includes boring machines, milling machines, machining centers, lathes, and modern three-dimensional measurement machines (CMM). It also relies on a network of suppliers, continuously monitored by the quality system, to provide a complete and controlled production cycle. Thanks to the numerous possibilities provided by the number of machines, the company’s services integrate seamlessly with the design, research, and production processes provided by customers. This adds value to every project handled by Dipizeta, resulting from the combination of the know-how and the quality and precision of our company’s mechanical processing.

Wide range of processing services

In the economic and cultural context in which we operate, not only is expertise in processing crucial, but also the variety of services offered. Dipizeta works daily to meet the needs of various sectors, ensuring precision mechanical processing, various heat and surface treatments, and installations. We strongly believe that this is a significant advantage that has made the company known over the years and allowed us to expand our offerings. Contact us for more information about the services we provide.