Company Mission?
Customer satisfaction

Dipizeta provides its customers with a strong passion for work, which has allowed them to build a solid and well-known company in the Modena area. The company was started in the 1970s with around 10 employees and a desire for constant improvement. Thanks to the numerous milestones achieved and the cyclical renewal of the machine park, which is now at the national forefront, Dipizeta has steadily grown over time. It’s a historic company, a symbol of Emilian excellence, characterized by a thriving manufacturing tradition and high-quality products.


Precise and on time deliveries, work planning, and the alignment of business needs with customer requirements are the key values that have allowed Dipizeta to expand. For the staff of the company, customer satisfaction comes first, providing suitable services with an updated work process and business organization in line with the latest industry developments. Dipizeta carries out processes suitable for any type of request, product size, and work cycle, while maintaining an excellent quality level.

Different Application Sectors,
same commitment and dedication

The companies that turn to Dipizeta, whether loyal customers or new businesses, come from very different sectors. The main customers are leaders in the agriculture, packaging, and earthmoving sectors, as well as companies operating in other fields of application. Despite different needs, what the have in common is the search for a reliable partner for precision mechanical processing, capable of managing the entire production process from raw material to the finished product, delivering materials punctually and in accordance with the requirements.

Over time, Dipizeta has combined passion and craftsmanship with technological innovation, using increasingly sophisticated and modern machinery and tools. In fact, the well-equipped machine park can operate with precision tolerances today, producing small, medium, and large-sized parts (up to 1.5m or larger). In addition, the control equipment is enriched by a testing room equipped with three-dimensional measurement machines (CMM) that can verify the required precision. This ensures a perfect precision manufacturing process for any need.

A company at your complete disposal

Dipizeta provides full supply services, with its core business being precision mechanical processing (milling, boring, and turning) for series production and prototypes, according to customer specifications. As mentioned earlier, customer care is one of the guiding principles in the daily work of our entire team. The company’s goal is not only to provide excellent precision mechanical processing but also to pay constant attention to those who choose to rely on us. With over 2000 square meters of covered space and an equal amount of external warehouse space at the headquarters in the province of Modena, Dipizeta is the ideal partner for series processing, prototypes, and equipment manufacturing.

Would you like additional information and want to realize your project without sacrificing any of your requirements? We will be happy to meet all types of requests by providing a transparent, detailed, and non-binding quote. Our staff is fully available and can provide timely answers to any technical request. This way, you can easily grasp our commitment to your project and the production capabilities we offer. Get in touch with Dipizeta through our social media channels, via email, or by phone.

1710 tons
Iron purchased in the year
50.000 hours
Annual work hours
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