Commitment and consistency,
certified through the years

When it comes to quality at Dipizeta, it refers to both the excellence and value of every precision mechanical processing product leaving the company, as well as the safety guaranteed to our employees. Staying up-to-date and adhering to international standards is a source of pride for our staff. It represents seriousness, high efficiency, and significant performance, providing additional security to customers who approach a solid and well-structured company like ours.

Dipizeta has been certified UNI ISO 9001 since 1999 and consistently aligns its quality management system with the latest regulatory updates for a continuous virtuous cycle of improving operational and managerial processes, minimizing waste and errors, and increasing company productivity.

A certification that provides the right guarantees

A company certified with UNI ISO 9001, like Dipizeta, has a highly qualified and qualifying production system and internal organization. Every organizational unit with its function and role must carry out its work in compliance with specific effectiveness and efficiency standards. Obtaining this certification, therefore, represents a reference point for suppliers and customers. Dipizeta is also capable of meeting the specific requirements of its customers.

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