Each project is carried out and delivered within the agreed timing, respecting the deadlines set with the customer.



Our mechanical machining is guaranteed with precision tolerances thanks to the technologies used for the mechanical processing and also due to constant monitoring by a testing room equipped with three-dimensional measuring machines.



We are “UNI ISO 9001/2015” certified and constantly updated on all the latest developments in our field. Additionally, Dipizeta is also able to apply solutions to its quality management system to meet it’s customer’s specific standards.

Precision mechanical
manufacturing for third parties

Since 1970, Dipizeta has been involved in producing products of small, medium, and large dimensions for leading companies in the agriculture, packaging, and earthmoving sectors through precision mechanical processing, for prototypes and mass production supply.

Advanced technology

The historic Modena-based company specializes in customized processing for the realization of prototypes, series production, and equipment. We carry out every project thanks to our well-equipped machinery, constantly updated and located in a 3000 square meter indoor facility in the province of Modena. This allows for precision mechanical processing on assorted types of metallic materials for different industrial sectors. The use of state-of-the-art work centers requires high level of preparation and constant updating of personnel, who is pride and heart of Dipizeta. Discover all the mechanical processing services we can offer to create your project.

Our services

In order to ensure our customer’s complete satisfaction, Dipizeta manages the entire manufacturing process of commissioned products. Dipizeta can manage the process from acquiring raw materials to precision mechanical processing and parts washing with a level of contamination that meets the standards of hydraulic components. We can also manage external suppliers for various treatments and processing that cannot be done internally and we will perform the assembly of commercial components. In addition, Dipizeta also develops specific control Systems such as leak Testing. This way, our company provides the finished product, free of defects and ready for use by the end customer.

Internal Processing
Sviluppo prodotto

Production process development

Customer support for product industrialization

Produzione di serie

Series production

Full supply and outsource processing



Supply and outsource prototyping

External Processing

Wire cut EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining)



trattamenti termici

Heat treatment

trattamenti superficiali

Surface treatment

Tell us about your project

Our staff is always available to reply to requests and provide clear, transparent and quotations without commitment. Send an e-mail or contact us by phone to work together on seeking the precision machining needed to realize your project.